Essential tools to have while doing vineyard maintenance jobs

As a vineyard owner, it is essential to have the right tools within reach while taking care of your vineyard. Pruning shears, a saw, a refractometer, and tying material are some of the essential tools that should always be available.

You must be vigilant for imperfections even during the growth cycles. Even when you have finished the work for one cycle and are in between growth stages, you must still be on the lookout. For example, you may notice a leaf that is blocking the sun from reaching the grape, which will result in a lack of sugar.

In this case, you would use your pruning shears to cut that leaf.

While walking through your vineyard, you may come across a vine that needs rejuvenation or does not have the desired shape. In such a case, you would use your foldable saw to make a cut.

It is always a good idea to have some tying material with you while walking through your vineyard because a tie might loosen, and a spur will drop from its place.

As the harvest date approaches, you may want to check the sugar levels. You can take out your refractometer to measure the sugar level.

Here are some helpful tips to pick your tools

Pruning shears

Double cut

A double cut is always a better option because the spur won’t get stuck between blades and the cut is always cleaner.

Bypass pruners

I love these pruners because the feel of cutting with them is so natural so no uncomfortable wrist feel.

Pruning snip

Pruning snips are used for cutting unwanted leaves and ensuring more sun reaches the grapes. These snips are small and easy to carry in pockets, making them super practical.


Foldable saw

A foldable saw is one of the most practical tools to have in the daily life of a farmer.

It is compact and easy to use.

The best thing is that you can make fast cuts if necessary.


It’s always a good idea to have some tying materials on hand.

You never know when a knot might loosen in your vineyard or when a spur might be left hanging and forgotten.

There are different types of tying materials

here is a handy tool to help you with tying Click here