Croatia and its wonderful wine Regions

Croatia is a small country with good food and even better wine.

As a small country, Croatia is divided into 3 major wine regions.

Istra, Slavonija, Dalmacija.

Croatian wines have gained recognition and appreciation in the international wine scene for their distinct character and quality.

The country boasts a rich winemaking tradition that dates back centuries, with diverse grape varieties and unique terroirs contributing to the country’s vibrant wine culture.

Vineyard on Croatia

Croatia wine regions

Croatia is a country with a long history of winemaking, and it boasts several distinct wine regions that produce a variety of high-quality wines.


Istria is a beautiful region known for its white wines, particularly Malvasia Istriana.

It’s also home to several indigenous red grape varieties, such as Teran and Refosco.

Best wine locations in Istria

  • Vizinada
  • Momjan
  • Motovun

There are lots more locations and micro-locations and Istria is full of small wineries but these are the most distinctive.


This region is best known for producing rich and full-bodied red wines, such as Plavac Mali and Dingač, which are made from the same grape variety.

Dalmatia is also home to several white grape varieties, including Pošip and Maraština.

Best wine locations in Dalmatia:

  • Korčula
  • Peljesac
  • Metkovic

Dalmatia the same as Istria is full of small wineries and micro-locations with very beautiful wines.


Located in the eastern part of Croatia, Slavonia is known for producing crisp and refreshing white wines, such as Graševina, which is the most widely planted grape variety in the country.

Slavonia is also home to several red grape varieties, including Frankovka and Zweigelt.

Best wine locations in Slavonija:

  • Kutjevo
  • Ilok
  • Baranja

Slavonijas wine locations are more widespread than in other regions but there are many more small local wineries between the regions so it is nice to travel between them.

In Croatia, wine is a tradition and it is always a family business.

It is nice to travel and try beautiful wine across beautiful Croatia.