Correct cut

How to cut and maintain a vineyard

Grapevine pruning is one of the most important jobs in vineyard maintenance.

Every time you go to the vineyard you need to prune something so it is best to know how it is done properly.

The ideal period for grape pruning is during the spring and winter seasons.

Cutting vines properly in your vineyard

One of the most important things to know is how to correctly cut vines without leaving consequences on the bud.

The cut has to be done in the way that we leave 1,5 – 2,0 cm of wood from the upper bud, so the scar doesn’t damage the bud.

The direction of the cut needs to be done diagonally away from the bud.

Correct cut
A-Wrong way B-ok C-Perfect way

The reason for the diagonal cut is so that the sap doesn’t bleed from the vine on the bud because it will damage it.

You need to have good pruning shears so the cut isn’t messy.

Few things to know before grapevine pruning

First, you need to know what kind of vine sort you have.

For sorts with a longer distance between buds, you should always choose cane pruning (guyot style), for the sorts that have a short distance between buds you can also choose spur pruning (cordon style).

Distance between buds
A-short distance B-long distance

Cordon style (spur pruning):

This type of pruning is very simple to maintain.

 With this style, you should leave 8 spurs, which means on each side 4 spurs.

 On each spur, you can leave up to 3 buds. 

This style is used because it is easy to maintain and get more grapes.

Cordon style

There is also a single Cordon style and here is how it looks.

It only has 4 spurs.

U can use this style on the ends of the row or you can’t grow the other end.

If you want better quality grapes in your Cordon style but that means fewer grapes, you can also use this style.

Single Guyot style (cane pruning):

This type of pruning is also simple to maintain, but you will need to tie the cane to the armory of the vineyard. 

With this style, you should leave one cane

(It should be a one-year-old sprout that came out last year’s spring growing) 

This cane should have up to 8 buds, and you should always leave

one spur(2-3 buds)underneath the cane, in case this one breaks while tying it down.

Single guyote

How to decide which of the styles to use for grapevine pruning in your vineyard?​

With cane pruning (guyot), there will be fewer grapes but the quality will be higher, with spur pruning(cordon) there will be more grapes but the quality will be lower. 

So why choose cordon if the quality will be lower? 
Well, there are lots of vine sorts throughout the world, and as we said before there is a difference between them, some of them have short and some have longer distances between buds. 

But the main reason is how many grapes u want to produce and the quality of grapes.

More grapes= lower quality

Usually, white grapes are grown on guyot and red grapes are grown on cordon.