Essential tools to have while doing vineyard maintenance jobs

As a vineyard owner, it is essential to have the right tools within reach while taking care of your vineyard. Pruning shears, a saw, a refractometer, and tying material are some of the essential tools that should always be available.


Croatia and its wonderful wine Regions

Croatia is a small country with good food and even better wine. As a small country, Croatia is divided into 3 major wine regions. Istra, Slavonija, Dalmacija. Croatian wines have gained recognition and appreciation in the international wine scene for their distinct character and quality. The country boasts a rich winemaking tradition that dates back […]


Best pruning shears in the vineyard maintenance

Hand pruners​. Felco, Fiskars. Electric pruners​. Zenport.


Annual Growth Cycle Of Grapevines

Annual growth cycle​. Bud growth​. Development of leaves and inflorescences​.

Correct cut

How to cut and maintain a vineyard

Cutting vines properly. Few things to know before pruning vines​. Cordon style. Single Guyot style.


How To Tie A Grapevine

When do you tie grapevines?​ How to bend grapevine canes for tying?​ What to use for tying your grapevines?​

Irrigation system

How to choose irrigation for vineyards

Irrigation is chosen depending on the type of terrain you have and what type of climate you have. You can choose between a few different types of irrigation systems but it is better to choose after you learn the difference between them. Our recommendation is a dripping irrigation system because it is universal for all […]


How to Rejuvenate/ Repair vineyard

If you have old vines (20-30 years old), you should rejuvenate your vineyard. It is essential to maintain the health of your vineyard like you maintain your health. When vineyards are old, they tend to get sick, so the grape quality is getting lower by the year. In this text, you can find a step-by-step […]


How to maintain your vine in springtime

After winter dormancy buds start to swell and shoots start to sprout on the vine. It looks like nothing needs to be done but this part of the growth cycle is crucial to how your vine is going to look and what kind of grapes you will get. In this text, we will explain which […]


How to determine the harvest date of wine grapes?

The harvest time is the most essential part of winemaking because harvesting at the right moment is essential for the quality of the wine. The harvest date is 100-110 days after full flowering depending on the variety and environmental conditions. After the first pattern on the berry 45-50 days. There are a few things to […]